Business Development Manager (Brazil/India)

1+ years of experience

Immigram - a venture-capital backed tech-centred immigration company. We work with various technological startups (alumni of Y Combinator, Tech Stars, Alchemist, NASA accelerator) and hundreds of truly exceptional individuals from companies like Google, Meta, Twitter, Snap, Bumble, Revolut, Goldman Sachs and many others.

We are building a Global Mobility platform thanks to which tech and IT relocation will cease to be a complex and confusing process.
Now we are looking for partners in India and in Brazil to grow our business in this country and make it highly recognisable by building a strong network in the tech and business communities and contributing to our customer base.

You will have the benefit of our successful experience in other markets, the support of a co-founder you will work directly with, and a really strong product.

Business Development
New markets

About you:

  • You are currently living in India (New Dehli or Mumbai) or Brazil (São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro)
  • You understand the local IT market, where to go and what to do
  • You have at least C1 English
  • You have at least 3-4 years of relevant experience in business development or related fields
  • You have a large network and you are ready to actively develop it

What you get:

  • A unique experience of setting up a business from scratch when someone who did it recently will guide you through it
  • A great young team working remotely from all the corners of the world
  • Bonuses on converting lead funnel into paying customers
  • Absence of excessive bureaucracy and a high degree of freedom of decision-making
  • Insights on the relocation opportunities and opportunity to directly participate in the development of the product
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