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Why do IT specialists choose the Global Talent Visa

The only UK visa based on your experience not your job offer. Consider this resident permit a reward proving your status to the new community

It’s all about tech

Whether you are an engineer, founder, product manager, business lead or doing marketing – this is the best route for you

Stable flexibility

The fastest way to get a UK permanent residency and citizenship on one hand. An opportunity to extend the visa an infinite number of times on the other. It’s up to you

Complete freedom of choice

Work for any employer, change jobs, run a business, study or do it all at the same time

Moving together

Bring your partner and kids with you and help them thrive. They could work, run ventures or study

Being just enough

Your experience speaks for you. Come to the UK without job offers, language tests or university invitations


Success rate

We know where to look and what to highlight in your professional experience
Personalised strategy
Attentive approach
Personalised strategy and attentive approach help you build a compelling story instead of a faceless document bundle – making your relocation case a success

Endorsed talents

Over 300 specialists became Global Talent and moved to the UK with Immigram’s help

Data-based solutions

Unique scoring system, guides and strategies based on numerous successful cases and tech expertise

How can I start my Global Talent Visa case?

Immigram is here to guide you on every step of preparing a case and becoming a Global Talent. To start your UK relocation journey choose a preferred route on our Platform:
Immigram Self-Service
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Full-Support Service
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The Self-Service plan features, plus
The probability of obtaining a visa is 95%
Money-back guarantee
Personal manager to help with expert evaluation and road map preparation
Case preparation assistance
Application assistance
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Who has relocated with the help of Immigram?

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ML Engineer
Product Designer
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Product Manager
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Data Engineer
Software Engineer


Adriano K.

I was referred to Immigram by my Ukrainian colleague. What has surprised me the most? I was amazed how the Immigram Team understood the twists and turns of AI and algorithms I worked on at companies like Goldman Sachs and Nomura
I have a broad experience in academic research with more than 30 published journal papers and book chapters related to Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistical Methods, Optimization, and Finance.

I was surprised that Immigram Team were able to compile my research papers in a way that you could tell they comprehended my scientific activity and not just bibliographe  it.

At the end of the day, I came to Immigram for a visa and got the visa


ML Engineer
I had heard about the Global Talent Visa in the past, but the application process seemed intimidating. That’s why I didn’t even consider applying for this visa. After reading the forums about the Global Talent Visa rejections, I felt even more discouraged to try.
After our first consultation with Immigram Team, it became clear they had extensive experience and could help me obtain the Global Talent Visa. Mikhail, Marat, Nikita, and the entire team played their part in my application’s success. Using my background, they highlighted the most relevant points in the application to meet Tech Nation’s criteria.

As a result, I got the endorsement on my first attempt. I am convinced that I couldn’t have achieved this without Immigram.

So, I highly recommend you speak with the Immigram Team today to see how they can help you in the future

Evgenii B.

Software Engineer
I am a software engineer, and additionally I have exciting corporate experience. But I had almost no conference speeches under my belt, and I was anxious that this could be a substantial problem in terms of getting the visa I was interested in.
It turned out that an appropriately presented case that the Immigram team was able to build upon closely reviewing my outside experience could win me a Global Talent, which I received within a matter of days after submitting my papers!

Thank you, guys!

Dmitri I.

Director of Product Design
Global Talent visa grants a wide range of rights and opportunities, essentially making its holder a UK resident. You can prepare the documents to apply on your own, or you can turn to paperwork experts. I was given a helping hand with my Global Talent endorsement at Immigram.
First, we talked, the team gathered the information on me, my background and achievements, and only then did they agree to take up my case.

Next, Mikhail and Anastasia spent literally dozens of hours with me, listening to my stories and gathering documents: from media publications to my company’s financial metrics. The guys are true professionals.

I highly recommend turning to them if rather than to spend an enormous amount of time studying the subject you’d prefer to receive an excellent consultation and secure a high chance of success.

Artem R.

Software Engineer
I only considered being endorsed for Global Talent. The more achievable Global Promise would have had no value for me, given my circumstances. Mikhail listened to my considerations and promised that we would be pushing for Global Talent only.
I was concerned that there were almost no conference speeches in my background, and my public activity would be insufficient. However, Mikhail and I talked through my whole work history via an enormous number of calls.

The Immigram Team managed to emphasise the crucial points in my case, thereby increasing my chances — and now I am an acknowledged Global Talent and have got my ILR already! Thank you, Team Immigram

Andrew P.

I am a co-founder of several businesses and an Alchemist alumnus. The Immigram Team compiled my case, and everything was done pretty quickly, but Tech Nation rejected my application.
Good old England did not immediately see me as a Talent. We were baffled — how could that be possible. I was, of course, nervous, but Team Immigram assured me that it was going to be alright. And so it was — now I am a UK resident, developing my business in the UK

Daria M.

Investment Strategy
I am an investment banker and VC professional –– my history consisting of a long string of successful deals. Nevertheless, our battle for my Global Talent Visa was unbelievably long and hard.

After we’d applied for the first time and received a rejection, and our appeal had been rejected as well, I didn’t really think I had a chance. But Mikhail kept saying it was all going to be okay. We reviewed the entire case but got rejected –– again!
At that moment, I put my hands down, let go and observed what was happening from a distance. But Misha, in some inconceivable way, wrote another appeal and made Tech Nation endorse me for “Talent”, even though I applied for “Promise”!

It was an arduous journey, but now I am a British talent and launching a VC fund in London



What does a Global Talent Visa offer?

The Global Talent Visa is valid for up to 5 years, enabling you• To work for one or multiple companies, switch employers or change positions;
• Be self-employed or operate a new or your own existing business in the UK;
• Enrol to full-time studies;
• Combine all the above with no authorisation whatsoever;
• Bring your family to the UK.

The Visa can be extended an unlimited number of times. With the Global Talent Visa, you can apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) in 3 years (if you’re an Exceptional Talent) or in 5 years (if you’re an Exceptional Promise). Talent candidates can obtain a UK passport after 5 years, Promise candidates — after 6 years spent in the UK.

Moreover, the Global Talent Visa, does NOT require:
• A job offer;
• A degree;
• An English proficiency certificate;
• Proof of maintenance funds.

Who can apply for the Global Talent Visa?

The visa is intended for those who are already recognised „talents“ or „promising“ professionals in the field of digital technology.

The Global Talent Visa is not just for people who code. There are 2 types of candidates — technical and business.

Some examples of technical candidates:
• CTOs
• Technical heads/leads (all levels);
• DevOps/SysOps engineers;
• Software engineers/developers;
• Data scientists;
• Front-end/back-end developers;
• UX/UI designers;
• Product designers.

Some examples of business candidates:
• C-level positions;
• Commercial/business leads;
• VC investors and VC founders;
• UX/UI researchers;
• Project/product managers;
• SaaS or enterprise sales executives (with contribution to the development of the product);
• Senior VC or PE analysts (with track records of leading investments in digital businesses).

What documents are required for a Global Talent Visa application?

Global Talent candidates in digital tech will need to attach a completed Visa application form, which includes:
• A Personal Statement;
• A CV, containing your experience, contributions to the relevant field, publications, etc;
• At least 3 letters of recommendation from recognised leaders in the tech industry;
• Up to 10 pieces of evidence in relation to the relevant Eligibility Criteria.

What does Immigram offer?

Immigram is a platform powered by legal and tech expertise that helps talented tech professionals get a Global Talent Visa endorsement.

We offer a turnkey solution:
• Unique scoring system to estimate eligibility in advance
• AI-based platform that collects and reviews data turning it into a winning case
• Review and double-checking by our experts
• Live dashboard overviewing the whole process, tracking the progress and estimating the completion time
• The guided process with data-driven suggestions on every single step of the case-Live support via messengers and email
• Appeal strategy in case of rejection
• Help with post-relocation adaptation
Take a scoring test
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