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February 8, 2024
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February 8, 2024

The cost and the processing time of the Global Talent Visa

The cost and the processing time of the Global Talent Visa

Are you thinking about applying for the Global Talent Visa, but not sure how long it will take and how much it will cost? We are happy to break down these two frequently asked questions.

How much does the Global Talent Visa cost?

Fees to pay before the endorsement

You need to pay £524 to get the right to apply for endorsement. The endorsement application fee is non-refundable. You can appeal your case for free if you get a rejection letter from Tech Nation. However, if you want to re-apply, you will need to pay the fee — £524 — again.

Fees to pay after the endorsement

After you get endorsed, you'll need to pay a visa fee of £192.

You will also need to pay the Healthcare Surcharge of £624 for each year per person of your visa validity. Read more about the Healthcare Surcharge and find out about potential discounts depending on the circumstances in our blogpost.

If you apply for a five-year visa, your total Global Talent Visa fee will be at least £3,500. With a partner and two children, for example, the total for a five-year visa will be £14,000.

You need to consider the costs when deciding the duration of the Global Talent Visa.

📌 Immigram recommends:
"You don't have to apply for a five-year visa. As an Exceptional Talent, you will get the right to apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) 3 years later, as an Exceptional Promise — 5 years later."
Application Type Fees Per Individual
Endorsement Application £524
Visa Application £192
Dependant Visa £716
Healthcare Surcharge £624/year

How long does it take to obtain the Global Talent Visa?

Stage 1: Endorsement Application

During Stage 1: Endorsement Application, an endorsing body assesses the applicant's skills, abilities, and achievements and advises the Home Office whether they should be endorsed. This stage includes the submission of documents to Tech Nation.

Tech Nation's decisions currently take 5-8 weeks (as of March 2023). The fastest decision on Immigram's client's case took 1 day. There's no information on any super long delays at this stage — endorsements are issued and refusals are sent within the mentioned time frame.

💬 Immigram notes:
"In early March, Tech Nation released a statement that applications from Ukrainians and citizens of other countries currently in Ukraine are a priority. The second priority is Russians and Belarusians, especially those already working in the UK technology companies and cannot get paid because of SWIFT sanctions."

If you missed Stage 1 of the Global Talent Visa process, read our blogpost about endorsement application, necessary documents, and tips on how to compile your case.

You have only 3 months (90 days) after the endorsement to submit the visa application, or it will expire.

Stage 2: Visa Application

During Stage 2: Visa (Immigration) Application, the Home Office considers immigration aspects — whether general grounds for refusal apply.

If you're a UK resident

The process usually takes around 2-3 weeks as of March 2023 (compared to 8 weeks stated by the Home Office). You just switch one BRP (biometric residence permit) to another.

If you're not a UK resident

The process takes 5-8 weeks as of March 2023 (compared to 3 weeks stated by the Home Office).

💬 Immigram notes:
“The Home Office states you'll get a decision within 3 weeks. But you’ll have to wait longer because of the current refugee situation and the UK government’s prioritising immigration cases.”

Read more about Stage 2 of the Global Talent Visa process here and find out more about necessary documents and the process for applying outside and inside the UK.

With an extra fee, you can get a faster decision with Priority and Super Priority services:

  • Priority – within 2 weeks (compared to 5 working days stated by UKVI)
  • Super Priority – although UKVI states that you'll have the decision by the end of the next working day, in reality the process often stretches over days or even weeks (up to 2 weeks)

You can only pay for Priority and Super Priority online when booking an appointment.

💬 Immigram notes:
“You have to check the availability of the service at your visa application centre.”

Dependant visas

Visa applications for dependants (married partners, unmarried partners, and children) submitted alongside the main applicant are taking around 6-12 weeks as of March 2023.

Read our blogpost to find out who can apply for the Dependant Visa and what documents they will need for the application.

After obtaining a visa and/or entry permit, you will have to come to the UK within 3 months (90 days).

Immigram assists at both stages of your Global Talent Visa application*. Calculate your chances of getting the visa with our scoring test and get detailed feedback from our team. We also offer post-relocation services — from renting an apartment to opening a business bank account.

* All immigration advice is provided by OISC regulated partner. Ref No. F202100337

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