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February 21, 2023
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March 6, 2023

Applying for the UK Global Talent visa: Am I a technical or business candidate?

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✦ Who is the NET ZERO programme for?

✦ What does the NET ZERO programme encompass?

✦ Main partner

✦ UK credit fintech Pillar raises £13m pre-seed round

✦ A2A paytech Trustly buys open banking platform Ecospend

The scaling up of climate technologies plays a pivotal role in overcoming the climate crisis. 40% of emissions reductions depend on techs that are not yet commercially available on the mass market. Therefore, Tech Nation is launching Net Zero 3.0, supporting startups to achieve scale and expedite the UK’s goal of reducing global emissions.

Tech Nation is looking for startups in core sectors such as: electricity and energy, transport and mobility, agriculture, food systems, manufacturing and building technology. The Net Zero programme is designed specifically to help mission-driven founders bring their ideas to life.

The main advantage of this programme is that it’s free to join, and Tech Nation doesn’t intend to take an equity stake in your business.Net Zero 3.0 is open for applications. If you are one of the UK’s most ambitious early-stage climate tech companies, this programme will help you scale up.

However, Tech Nation is also implementing a Net Zero X programme that specialises in later-stage startups. The programme promotes the development of high emissions reduction potential (ERP) companies. The call for both applications closes at 4 pm on 28 June, 2022.

Who is the NET ZERO programme for?

Net Zero is aimed at fast-growing technology companies that, directly or indirectly, help the UK reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Companies can operate in the digital, hardware and life sciences sectors.


UK headquarters;Potential and ambition to make a large-scale impact;Evidence that the product or service is beyond the minimum viable product stage;Proven evidence of market traction;Grant funding or investment from Seed to pre-Series A (less than £10m) OR have income below £1.5m.

What does the NET ZERO programme encompass?


Founder-focused workshops delivered by entrepreneurs who have walked the path. 
Overcoming fundamental obstacles to growth such as funding, sales, talent and culture.


Sessions to improve the skills of your management team. Explore the problems arising in marketing, operations, finance, product, technology and HR teams.

Sustainability Sessions

Cooperation with leaders, experts, influencers and stakeholders to evaluate the company's impact and potential in the technology ecosystem and on the planet.


Positioning as the UK's fastest-growing sustainability company through Tech Nation's marketing and pres, in order to be recognizable among government, corporates, and investors.

Net Zero 2.0 alumni include diverse companies such as Better Origin, Ambue, Earth Blox, and many others.

Main Partner

BNP Paribas is one of the most outstanding banking groups in the world, and Tech Nation is fortunate to have them as the Net Zero partner. The company, headquartered in Europe, operates globally, has a strong presence in the UK and is a global leader in sustainable finance.

Immigram team provides tech talents with comprehensive support and expert advice regarding all aspects of UK relocation with a Global Talent Visa — from drafting a strategic Case Map and compiling all necessary documents and evidence to applying to Tech Nation and the Home Office.

📌 Immigram recommends:
You don't have to apply for a five-year visa. As an Exceptional Talent, you will get the right to apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) 3 years later, as an Exceptional Promise — 5 years later

Endorsement Application

During Stage 1: Endorsement Application, an endorsing body assesses the applicant's skills, abilities, and achievements and advises the Home Office whether they should be endorsed. This stage includes the submission of documents to Tech Nation.

Tech Nation's decisions currently take up to 8 weeks (as of November 2022). The fastest decision on Immigram's client's case took 1 day. There's no information on any super long delays at this stage — endorsements are issued and refusals are sent within the mentioned time frame.

💬 Immigram notes:
In early March, Tech Nation released a statement that applications from Ukrainians and citizens of other countries currently in Ukraine are a priority. The second priority is Russians and Belarusians, especially those already working in the UK technology companies and cannot get paid because of SWIFT sanctions.

What is it?

BNP Paribas is one of the most outstanding banking groups in the world, and Tech Nation is fortunate to have them as the Net Zero partner. The company, headquartered in Europe, operates globally, has a strong presence in the UK and is a global leader in sustainable finance.

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