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February 28, 2023
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March 6, 2023

Reasons for endorsement rejection

Reasons For Endorsement Rejection

Whenever Tech Nation sends the refusal to the endorsement application, the network provides the reason or reasons for the applicant to be rejected. The email will generally consist of a brief comment of the overall review conclusion to the application and a table where all the criteria is enumerated.

Immigram has put together a list of common reasons for endorsement rejections.

Side-occupation evidence

Tech Nation may send the rejection due to insubstantial evidence of the applicant’s extracurricular activities. Make sure you participate in IT-conferences, give lectures for students at schools, universities or courses and remember to attach the side occupation evidence to the application.

Another common mistake to fail this criteria is to provide two or even three Letters of Recommendation from the managers related to the applicants' immediate occupation or attach ten supporting documents related only with their work experience. You must diversify your evidence documents in order to demonstrate your success in different spheres of your career.

Evidence about innovation

Little (or absent) evidence about innovation may also be a decisive factor for Tech Nation to reject the application. It is required of you to provide a proven track record of innovation as an employee or as a director. An extract from your employment contract, paychecks or a letter from your employee will be regarded as a supporting document. Recognition letters of a specialist’s innovations from the industry experts and media can also be taken into account.

Amount of supporting documents

An applicant has the right to attach no more than 10 supporting documents to the endorsement application. More pieces of evidence and more than 10 pages can be taken as a reason to send the rejection. In general, people apply with 5−7 supporting documents and the same number of pages. There is no need to provide a 30-page employment contract fully, you can attach just the relevant excerpt of the document.

High level of achievements

Analyze the level of a certificate or any other evidence of achievement before adding it to the endorsement application. It is more beneficial to avoid applying a document with the average or minimal score than to attach it and decrease the overall level of your application.

Letters of recommendation

Tech Nation may refuse the endorsement due to the ineligibility of referees for the Global Talent Visa. Keep in mind that your referees should be industry leaders or your employers not potential visa applicants. A problem of too generic recommendation letters may arise as well. To avoid the problem, ask your referees to write about your unique skills and experience, as well as about your projects and personal contribution.

Correlation between ‘Talent’ and ‘Promise’

While the candidate may have significant experience in the digital sector, it is also possible the application and supporting evidence will not be enough to pose as an Exceptional Talent. Review your application before submitting it to Tech Nation and juxtapose with the criteria for either of the Global Talent Visa routes.

These are general reasons why you can get a rejection from Tech Nation. However, the network may also refuse you as a candidate with other reasons and explanations.

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