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February 8, 2024
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February 8, 2024

What is a Personal Statement and how to write one?

What is a Personal Statement and how to write one?

A Personal Statement is one of the documents (along with CV, three letters of recommendation, supporting evidence documents) a candidate must provide as part of the endorsement application for Tech Nation.

Personal Statement General Requirements

According to Tech Nation, a Personal Statement should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Maximum 1000 words (~7000 characters) in length
  • Submitted using the Tech Nation form and not uploaded as a separate document
  • Written by an applicant to explain their contribution to the UK digital technology sector
  • Relevant and consistent to the rest of the application

While writing a Personal Statement, a candidate for the endorsement has to answer the following questions (per Tech Nation Visa Guidelines) and include other relevant to the application information:

  • Why do you want to come to the UK?
  • What is your planned occupation in the UK?
  • Which region or city of the UK are you planning to live in?
  • How will the UK digital technology sector benefit from your work? (Mention here the technological advances you will bring, the creation of new markets, the growth of a digital technology company, the activities you will take part in outside of your direct occupation.)
📌 Immigram recommends:
"Although Tech Nation guidelines suggest the Personal Statement has to include information concerning your plans for the UK digital technology sector and your personal reasons to move to the UK, the endorsee should approach the statement more creatively.
We recommend to showcase specific examples and evidence why you possess the characteristics of an Exceptional Talent or an Exceptional Promise. Convince Tech Nation assessors why your achievements make you a perfect fit for the Global Talent visa criteria.
For example, ‘I am applying for a Global Talent visa, and I pass the criterion of work outside of the immediate occupation because more than 500 people have completed my online-course or because more than 100 people have attend my lecture.'"

These questions were developed and are being regularly updated by Tech Nation, so that applicants need to strictly follow the instructions and requirements. However, even with such detailed guidelines about the statement, candidates might still feel frustrated.

What to Include into your Personal Statement?

Salutations. Several words of welcome and saying goodbye are not mandatory but are a matter of personable mindset.

Introduction and conclusion. The structure of your personal statement can differ but a form of introduction and conclusion will enrich it with comprehensible logic. Before getting to the point, you can introduce yourself and name the reason why you are writing the statement (“to seek the endorsement from Tech Nation”, for example). The same goes for the ending. It is beneficial to finish the statement clearly and concisely.

Your future plans and goals. All the questions provided by Tech Nation include the word “will” in them meaning you need to write more about your future and not your past. Truly, you have to mention your past achievements but focus more on your goals and plans.

Even more structure. To make it more effortless for the committee to read your Personal Statement, try to bring the structure to the main part of it. Leaving a new paragraph for clarifying every other mandatory question will help to achieve this.

Numbers. Numbers are the best indicator for your company and/or product success and value.

Uniform point for the whole statement. Once more, having one umbrella topic over the whole statement will help you to comply with the structure and avoid jumping from one thought to another. Hence, for example, if you are interested in biotechnology, answer all the questions and write around it. Mention the role of your interest in biotech through the choice of the city to live in, your planned occupation in the country, your future plans and your potential influence on the biotech industry.

What to Exclude from your Personal Statement?

CV retelling. Tech Nation will have your resume as a separate document. Thus, making it needless to reiterate your professional biography. You can also apply this point to enumerating your skills and responsibilities.

Links. Your application will be assessed in the paper form. With this, try to use your own words and not to waste your word count with links.

Fluffy adjectives and superlatives. Considering the maximum number of words (and characters) restriction for the Personal Statement, try to avoid empty words and stick to facts. In addition, when you use superlatives (like, ‘I’m the best expert’, ‘our project is the most effective in the field’) you have to provide the proof for such statements.

Quotes. The Assessment Board at Tech Nation also reads all the letters of recommendation. Hence, making it superfluous for you to duplicate whatever your referees wrote about you in their letters. This is also applicable to the quotes from your supporting documents. You can mention your achievements and important recognition, but leave less room for repetitive points.

Grammar mistakes. You do not have to know English (and pass language exams) to apply for a Global Talent visa. However, elementary mistakes can affect the way the Assessment Board comprehends your main message through your Personal Statement. Thus, if you are a fluent English speaker, do not refrain from proofreading. In case you are not confident about your English skills, you can refer to professional translation services or to someone who knows English on an appropriate level.

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