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December 28, 2023
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December 28, 2023

What to do if you are not 'talented' enough yet?

What to do if you are not 'talented' enough yet?
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Before applying for the Global Talent Visa you need to ask yourself: 'Am I a leader and thus have a talent or am I an emerging leader and thus have a promise?' Exceptional Talent applicants are likely to be successful entrepreneurs in Digital Technologies with many years of experience and a good record of milestones and financial track records.

However, if you feel that you still have achievements as a professional to make and understand that your highest peaks and milestones are ahead, you can choose to apply as an Exceptional Promise. Applicants with promise are likely to be earlier in their career but still must be able to prove their potential to be a leader through their skills and achievements.

If you have realised (with our help or your own evaluation) that you are not a Promise yet, here is what you could add to get to the desired point:

  • Starting an IT blog. You can share news of the IT industry and practical guides, educate or promote your company. In this sense, it does not have to be a blog with over 10k followers, and can be simply on Telegram or Habr.com.
  • Writing and publishing articles on IT and digital in any media. Besides, it can be within your blog for Habr.com. Moreover, take into account starting a podcast on IT matters as the production is affordable.
  • Participating in PR activities aimed at increasing interest in the IT sector.
  • Working for a product-led digital company on a permanent basis. Being a freelancer or an employer at a company with another expertise would not add much to your application as a Potential Promise. Notably, your career history (for example, impact of your work and the international reputation of the company) will be assessed simultaneously.
  • Networking within the industry and building relationships with the management. The latter is true not only towards your direct superior but also a skip manager and a skip-skip manager. The reason is those people might be your potential referees for the application.
  • Teaching or mentoring at IT-dedicated education programmes as your side commitment. Some universities and colleges will gladly take you as an instructor for a short series of lectures/seminars or a mentor for recent alumni.
  • Participating in IT-focused international competitions with a group. E.g. competitions held by the Association for Computing Machinery. If you have not won or been nominated for any international IT award as an individual, you can provide evidence of contributing to a group award win or nomination instead. There is also a chance to provide a letter with the evidence of your contribution from the individual that won or was nominated.

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