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February 5, 2024
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March 31, 2023

10 reasons why you should relocate to the UK

10 reasons why you should relocate to the UK

The most essential question for people wanting to relocate is which country they should choose. In this article we look at the 10 reasons why you should consider relocation to the United Kingdom.

1. Employment

Despite the pandemic, the United Kingdom experiences relatively high levels of employment, especially when compared to other countries. Great Britain has experienced some economic and unemployment problems after Brexit but there is generally work available for most people looking for it. The reason for this is a mature marketplace built within a strong economy. The UK Parliament’s research briefing "Unemployment — International Comparisons" shows that the unemployment rate was 4% in 2021 compared to 5% for the United States, 8% for France, and 7,5% for the Eurozone.

The UK government offers and applies new strategies and initiatives to resolve issues with unemployment. The new R&D People and Culture Strategy is one of the latest initiatives. The general goal is to make the UK "the best destination in the world for researchers", even if it comes to attracting the talent from abroad. As part of the strategy the government offers fast track visa routes (within the Global Talent Visa, Scale-up Visa, High Potential Individual Visa routes) for high skills professionals. The R&D strategy is part of the new UK Innovation Strategy that is set out to make the country a global hub for innovation by 2035.

2. Booming tech sector

The UK’s digital sector is also worth noting. According to Tech Nation’s 2021 report, the digital tech industry in the UK grew six times faster than other sectors. The IT sector currently accounts for £149 billion contribution to the UK economy and employs almost 3 million people.

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, addressing the Tech Nation’s report said: "They say necessity is the mother of invention. So it is perhaps not surprising that in spite of Covid — or even because of Covid — the UK is maintaining its lead as one of the world’s premier centres for tech of all kinds."

The data shows that the amount of British tech businesses (worth $ 250−800 million) is the highest on record — 95. Which is more than those in France — 61 and Germany — 46. The report also demonstrates the UK tech VC investment potential with another record year in 2021 — $ 26bn. Thus, the country strengthened its position as third in the world for tech behind only China and the US. The UK also ranked third in the world for its number of unicorns — more than a hundred (7 new ones in 2020 and 15 in 2021). For comparison, that is more than in Germany and France combined.

Also, the survey, conducted among 10,000 tech workers across the world, showed that London is the most attractive city for digital talent interested in relocation abroad.

3. Visa options

Despite Covid-related travel restrictions, Britain has a good track record of sourcing skilled and talented workers from abroad. The Global Talent Visa (or the Tech Nation Visa) is one of the programmes launched for getting as many talents and leaders as possible from around the world to come and work in the UK. The visa processing system itself is fairly efficient as long as candidates have all their paperwork in order. You can sign up for a free consultation with our specialists to make sure you have all the necessary papers in place.

4. Strong labour laws

The UK has strong labour laws and offers generous employee benefits. For example, anyone working full-time in Great Britain is entitled to a minimum of 20 days paid annual leave. Sick leave and parental leave (is paid up to 39 weeks) benefits in the UK are also fairly generous. While you are on Statutory Maternity Leave, your employment rights (including your right to pay rises and return to work) are protected.

5. Education

The United Kingdom offers world-leading opportunities in education and has well-respected educational institutions, especially when it comes to universities and colleges. According to the 2022 QS World University Rankings, four out of top 10 universities are located in Great Britain: University of Oxford (2nd in the global rank), University of Cambridge (3rd), Imperial College London (7th) and UCL (8th).

The government also provides primary and secondary schooling of a very high standard and at no extra cost. This might be a major factor in choosing the UK over other countries.

6. Healthcare

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is one of the world’s leading health services. Britain is also home to some of the world’s best hospitals. For most immigrants, you will need to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge at the time of applying for the visa (this includes the Global Talent Visa). The IHS entitles you to use the NHS and gain free at the point of use healthcare around the country.

According to the NHS entitlement guidance, free services include GP and nurse consultations in primary care, treatment provided by a GP and other primary care services. The free healthcare, however, does not apply to opticians or dentistry.

7. Standart and cost of living

Great Britain is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in. At the same time, it offers one of the best standards of living in the world. The UK has relatively low levels of poverty and a stable government.

The UK is also an open-minded country to migrants. It has a high migrant population and there are few problems for migrants coming to the country as far as settling is concerned. Even though the British themselves decided to leave the European Union, the rights of migrants, especially those who come outside of the European Union, are only likely to improve.

The cost of many things in the UK is very similar to the rest of its Western European neighbours. However, the cost of housing here will be an issue. The population increasing rate has not been kept up with the housing fund, and this has led to skyrocketing housing prices. Factor in the costs of housing when it comes to making your decision about relocating to the United Kingdom. Keep in mind that major UK cities (not only London) are starting to make a name for themselves when it comes to showing their digital credentials. This way, you can choose cheaper housing prices in other UK tech hubs.

8. Geographic location

The UK is perfectly located for short trips if you want to explore the rest of Europe. Travelling outside of Great Britain is easy with commercial airports across the whole country, the Eurostar train, and ferry ports. The growth of budget airlines makes it possible to travel without breaking the bank.

For Global Talent Visa holders, traveling outside of the country is possible visa-free to numerous countries. Mexico, Panama, Jamaica, Armenia, Oman are just some of the top-35 visa free destinations for British talents.

9. Diversity

The UK is truly multicultural, welcoming people from all over the world since it has a long history of immigration. This is especially evident in its major cities like London, Manchester, and Edinburgh. There are over 300 languages spoken in London alone, which is more than any other city in the world.

Everywhere in Great Britain you decide to settle in — from Glasgow to Leeds and Birmingham to Manchester — its population will have different proportions of various ethnic groups depending on their individual histories. For example, Liverpool is a home to an old Black community (the oldest in Europe) and to the oldest Chinese community in Europe because of Liverpool’s trading ties with Shanghai in the 1890s.

10. History and culture

The UK is bursting with history, art, and culture. Everywhere you look, you will be surrounded by thousands of years of history. A simple walk down the street can turn into an impromptu history lesson while you are passing castles, historic churches, and homes.

On top of that, upon moving to Great Britain, you will have access to some of the world’s leading arts, culture, and sporting events. Many international events are held in the UK’s major cities, which along with an efficient transport network will make seeing one’s favorite sports event or catching an international music tour possible.

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