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Most in-demand tech jobs in the UK

Most in-demand tech jobs in the UK
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Still hesitant whether you should try to apply for the Global Talent Visa or not? Then first, let’s figure out which are the most in-demand IT professions in the UK. Perhaps the United Kingdom is waiting just for you.

The UK tech job market has rebounded from the pandemic, according to Tech Nation. The demand for digital professionals at the end of 2021 was twice as high as in 2019. Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, and Full Stack Engineers have been in high demand over the past year.

According to 'Jobtensor', the top 10 most in-demand IT jobs include:

1. Software Engineer

Most of the job offers for this position are in Glasgow and Cambridge. Required skills: Java, Python, Software Development Lifecycle, Agile, and C++.

Software engineers develop, design, and test software. They develop software for desktop and mobile applications, cloud platforms and web applications.

2. IT Engineer

Most of the vacancies for this position are in Bristol and Birmingham.

Required skills: Python, Azure, LUSAS, LINSIG. Engineers are responsible for the company’s computer systems. They use technology and implementation skills to troubleshoot and develop new information technology systems.

3. Software Developer

Most of the offers for this position are in Bristol and Cambridge. Required skills: C#, JavaScript, Software Development Lifecycle, .NET, and SQL. Software developers are responsible for designing, developing, installing, testing, and maintaining software.

This job requires coding, working with multiple programming languages, also designing and building apps, websites, or mobile apps.

4. Developer

Most of the open slots for this position are in Birmingham and Leeds. Required skills: SQL, JavaScript, C #, .NET, and Azure. Developers create software and applications. They write the source code and make sure it runs correctly.

5. Systems Engineer

Most of the job offers for this position are in Bristol and Stevenage. Required skills: Windows, Linux, Python, Rational DOORS, and MBSE. A systems engineer oversees multiple aspects of a project or system (management, design) and makes sure everything works within a single system.

6. Solution Architect

Most of the vacancies for this position are in Birmingham and Reading. Required skills: Cloud, Azure, AWS, Agile, and DevOps. The IT architect is responsible for evaluating the organization’s business needs and determining how the IT department can meet those needs through software, hardware, or infrastructure.

7. DevOps Engineer

Most of the job offerings for this position are in Cambridge and Manchester. Required skills: DevOps, Cloud, AWS, Terraform. A DevOps engineer implements processes, tools, and methodologies to balance needs throughout the software development lifecycle, from coding and deployment to maintenance and updates.

8. Support Engineer

Most of the career opportunities for this position are in South Kensington and Bristol. Required skills: Windows, Office 365, Cloud, Mac, and Active Directory. Support engineers design computer systems that can be easily maintained and repaired. In addition, they provide ongoing assistance in maintaining computer systems and handling user complaints.

9. Data Engineer

Most of these positions to be filled are in Poole and Birmingham. Required skills: SQL, Cloud, Python, AWS, and ETL. Data engineers create systems that collect, manage, and transform raw data into information that can be interpreted by data scientists and business analysts. Their ultimate goal is to make the data available so that organizations can use it to evaluate and optimize their performance.

10. Infrastructure Engineer / System Administrator

Most of the available positions are in Edinburgh and Bristol. Required skills: Cloud, Windows, Azure, VMware, and Active Directory. The infrastructure engineers build and maintain digital networks. Their work may involve working with databases, Internet connectivity, and virtualization platforms to resolve any issues that arise.

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