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March 5, 2023
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March 6, 2023

Who should you approach for a Letter of Recommendation?

Who should you approach for a Letter of Recommendation?
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To apply for the GTV successfully, you need to provide at least three letters of recommendation. In reality, it would be better to have four or five letters to make your application stand out. This is an especially important part of the application, as it shows the recognition of you as a high-level specialist, which is the main criterion for selection.

Who should you ask to sign the letter?

As TechNation puts it, each person should know your work and be a senior member of their organisation. The key is that you don’t have to necessarily ask a CEO or a founder of a company to write you a letter.

The formula is easy: the bigger the company, the lower the rank of the recommender in the company can be.

If you have worked for a big international company, a recommendation from a product designer would be enough. However, when working with smaller companies from your country without any international relations, it is better to approach C-level executives or leading specialists like a Tech Lead or a Senior Technical Specialist. Finally, if you have worked for a startup, you should speak to a founder, a CEO, or an investor.

You cannot ask someone to write or sign a letter if they do not know you personally and/or have not worked with you.

There are some important points to consider while collecting letters of recommendation:

  • Each letter must be about your Global Talent application — you cannot use a letter that was written for another reason.
  • It should be mentioned how the person signing it knows you.
  • The letter has to show your achievements in the digital technology sector, and how you are a leader or potential leader.
  • It should say how you would benefit from living in the UK, how you would contribute to the digital technology field in the UK and explain what plans you have for your future work.

To learn more about how to write the perfect recommendation letter, check our article here.

Getting relevant letters of recommendation is not that hard. The main thing is to find the right person.

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