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February 8, 2024
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February 8, 2024

What are the next steps after receiving the Global Talent Visa?

What are the next steps after receiving the Global Talent Visa?

Congratulations — you have received your Global Talent Visa! Unfortunately, the paperwork does not stop there, since there are still a number of things you need to consider and do after having your visa application approved. That is why we have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you throughout your immigration process.

Travelling to the UK

Once your Global Talent Visa application is approved, you will receive a vignette — a temporary document in the form of a visa sticker that is used to enter the UK. The vignette is valid for 30 days — within this period, you must travel to the UK in order to receive the Biometric Permit Residence (BPR). If you fail to do so, you will have to apply and pay for a replacement vignette.

The BRP is a plastic credit-card sized visa valid for the full length of the visa. Nationals of EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland with a biometric passport will be granted a digital immigration status instead of a vignette/BRP.

Entering the UK

Once you arrive in the UK, you will have your vignette checked and stamped by a Home Office Immigration Officer.

Nationals of an EU Country, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, and the USA — holders of biometric passports — will instead enter through ''eGates'' without having to speak to an Immigration Officer (unless you have a child under 12 years old travelling with you).

Nationals of these countries will need to retain their boarding pass, travel itinerary, or other evidence of entering the UK in order to show it during the Leave to Remain (ILR) application process.

Collecting BRPs

Global Talent visa holders will need to obtain the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) either within 10 days after arriving in the UK or before their vignette expires, whichever is sooner. You will find the information about when and where you must collect the BRP in the Home Office letter. These permits are usually collected from designated post offices.

A biometric residence permit (BRP) can be used to confirm your:

  • Identity
  • Right to study or work in the UK
  • Right to any public services or benefits you are entitled to

All Global Talent applicants and their family members (apart from those under the age of five) are required to give their biometrics — scans of fingerprints and a digital photograph. Applicants who are under six do not need to provide their fingerprints, but will still have to submit a photograph.

Your BRP will include:

  • Your name, date and place of birth
  • Your biometrics
  • Your immigration status and any conditions of your stay
  • Your right to access public funds, e.g. benefits and health services

Your National Insurance (NI) number should be printed on the back of your BRP.

If your BRP does not include an NI number — you will need to apply for one.

When you attend the post office you must bring with you:

  • The passport which contains your vignette
  • Your decision letter with you (if possible) — it will help the post office staff
  • to locate your BRP quickly

Registering with a doctor (GP)

Although this is not a necessary part of the immigration process, managing your ongoing medical care is still vital. A GP (general practitioner) is a local family doctor and your first contact if you get sick. GPs can treat many different conditions, write prescriptions, and refer you to other NHS services.

The registration with a GP is free of charge. Also, once registered, you will not have to pay for your visits to the doctor. You are not required to provide proof of address or immigration status, ID or an NHS number to register, but it would be helpful to do so.

1. You need to find your local GP here. You can register with any GP in your area as long as they have space for new patients. After choosing your GP, you can either:

  • Visit the Health Centre in person and ask to register at the GP reception
  • Check the GP surgery website to see if you can register online
  • Call/email the GP’s office to be registered as a patient

2. You also need to fill in a registration form. If you decide to register online — download the form, complete it, and send it to the GP’s office.

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